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NEW MT. LAW: Yes we can ship in state!

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Effective on October 1, 2013, (our winery's anniversary date from our first sale Oct 1, 2010!), all US wineries will be legally able to ship wine direct to customers in Montana!  This has been a long time in coming. Here is a listing of the most pertinent changes:

  The Wine Connoisseur's license is now done away with as of that date.  Beer purchasers still need the beer connoisseur's permit.

  There is a limit of 18 cases (12 750 ml bottles per case) per year to any one individual.

  The winery is required to use UPS/Fedex and have the appropriate alcohol permit with them (WE DO!)

  There is a host of record-keeping for the winery.  But no more record keeping for the customer!


The law has been codified, but the working details will be worked out in the next couple of months.  WE will apply for our Direct Shipment Endorsement as soon as we are able.