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Spring: the season of Anticipation!

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 1:55 AM

This is the time of year for anticipation! Here are a few things we're anticipating:

GRAPES:  We're pruning like crazy, hoping to see signs of green in all of the grapevines.  Some (alas!) look like they've died back to the ground again.  Winter 2013 to Oct 2014 was a really tough year.  -40° F in Dec 2013, a late spring frost (early May), and then a very late hard fall frost (Sept 7th, three weeks early) put a lot of our vines out of comission.  Early fall frosts can really hurt, because plants are not hardened off enough yet.

RASPBERRIES:  Additional yellow raspberries were shipped Monday this week.  More of our delicious White Raspberry wine coming up late this year.

RHUBARB: We're planting at least two dozen new crowns this year.  They will ship next week.

HIGH TUNNELS: These are like single skin greenhouses, which warm up the soil about two months early.  I planted radishes, lettuce and spinach about 10 days ago.  Spinach and radishes are up already!  The ground outside is still frozen about 6 inches down.

What do you anticipate?  It's a great time of the year to emerge from the cave of winter darkness and spring forth with energy to start the new growing year!