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Mixed year, plenty of wine

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 1:10 AM

2015 has been another year of mixed blessings.  On the plus side, we had a nice crop of wild plums and our intense Golden Spice pears, and five times the crop of yellow raspberries, for a big increase in our Gold-medal winning White Raspberry wine.  Our Frontenac and Frontenac Gris and Frontenac Blanc did fairly well, so we'll have a boost to our very popular Warm Front, Frongria and Frontenac Trio Rosé.

On the down side, that giant wind in mid-July took the skin off of one of our high tunnels.  We've got the replacement plastic, but still need to put it on.  It has been five years since erecting the tunnels, and the skins are rated for "about 5 years", so we don't feel too cheated.

The Marquette grapes pretty much failed us again this year, as did the La Crescent, so we won't have those wines available again.  But the tanks are full of delicious wines in process so we feel pleased with how things are going.  The Brianna (pineapple-tropical flavor) did pretty well as did the Petite Pearl.  We planted 110 more of the Pearl, and expect it to be the future centerpiece of our dry red wine blend.