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Late Winter blahs!

Posted on February 26, 2018 at 3:50 PM

After a record-setting amount of Winter snow, it looks like the white stuff is finally over!  We still have two feet on the ground, but I waded through the vineyard last week and checked each variety for nice green tissue.  And what I found was........nice green tissue!  In every cultivar.

Now we have to wait for some of it to melt, and hope that the river thaw is very gradual and doesn't come over the banks and flood our home and shop.  It's a worrisome thing.

Marilyn and Melodie are making lists like crazy to help us prepare to open a Bed and Breakfast in our home later this spring— bigger beds, new door trim, perhaps monogrammed towels, new mattresses and a thorough clearing out of stuff we don't need!

The wine-finishing part of the season is about over.  Josh is bottling our first release of COLD FRONT today, which is a lovely, dry white wine made with Frontenac blanc.  It's somewhere between a Riesling and a Pinot gris in style.  We'll soon be releasing our first ever version of Brianna, boasting an old-fashioned side-profile view of our co-worker, Melodie.  Frongria, a very tropical, semi-sweet version of Frontenac Gris is also coming soon.

Then in late March we'll release this year's version of Apple Ice, and a new wine made with yellow Chokecherries called White CHokecherry.  As spring comes on and your thirst grows, why not try some of our newest releases!

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