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Why I love the unreliable, reliable Mother Nature

Posted on August 16, 2011 at 1:25 AM

Mother nature is a bitch of a friend.  She'll seduce you with beauty, with the promise of great harvests, and just when you feel you have every reason to be filled with joy and gratitude, she'll throw you an early frost in the fall, a late frost in the spring, or a marauding bunch of birds or yellow-jackets that attack your fruit from every direction.

This year we got more rain than anyone remembers.  The grapevines grew like weeds.  But the spring was cool and we're a week, maybe 10 days behind average.  Will we be able to harvest in time, or is Mother Nature going to show her mean side again and throw us an early frost?

Fortunately the very ample supply of grasshoppers would rather eat grass, already picked rhubarb and the leaves of already harvested black currant  than touch the grapevines.  We have only a few sphinx moth larva (tomato hornworms and the like) and a few grape leaf hoppers and 8-spotted forester caterpillars feeding on grapeleaves, and air so dry that mildews just don't show their destructive faces.

So come on, summer heat!  Blow on us for 7 more weeks with all you've got and ripen these grapes with gusto!   Then the cool of fall may come and we won't mind a bit.

Categories: Just thinkin' out loud