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Posted on June 16, 2019 at 8:30 AM

Really?  Buying more land at age 70?!

Well, we did.  The place at the beginning of our lane came up for sale— a house and almost 4 acres, with enough agricultural land for another 500 vines and some shrubbery.  We bought the place, rented out the house and Bob spent a month building 28 rows of trellis, 100 feet long apiece and has now planted just over 300 vines out of space for 500.  It will be filled by next year.  Oh, and he also built deer fencing around it and dug in a new irrigation line.

The additional land will make it less likely that we'll run out of some of our favorite grape wines, as we did this year with Warm Front (Frontenac grapes) and Frontenac Gris: our Chardonnay-style white wine.)   We also plan to put in a few more apple trees and some aronia bushes next year.

In four years, this should free us from buying as much fruit from other growers and give us more wine flexibility.  We sure appreciate all the customers who are making this necessary!