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April 2017: Exciting New Year!

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 1:05 AM

After a month in Australia, it was wonderful to come home to cooler temperatures!  Last Saturday I did some pruning in the vineyard, and the grapes show a lot of promise this year.  A mellow winter and a nice cool, gradual spring is bringing things out of dormancy nice and slowly.  This protects the buds from late spring frosts.

Several exciting things showed up elsewhere on the property.  Unless it frosts:

1. We're going to get some yellow chokecherries this year!

2. We should be getting some domestic plums this year by the look of all the buds beginning to show.

3. We might even get some cider apples on our relatively young apple trees.

4. Another pear crop is in the works, and the red currants look great!

  5. Rhubarb is starting to push stems.

The next four weeks will find me busy almost every day pruning the grapes, manuring the rhubarb and doing some weed control.  Josh is back to bottling like crazy to keep all of you thirsty people happy!

Happy Spring, 2017!