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                             Tongue River Winery  ‚Äč

Photo Gallery

2015 in the Vineyard & Winery 2015 in the Vineyard & Winery Case run to Bozeman 200379744 Beautiful Yellowstone in February 200379745 High tunnel in dormancy, March 200379746 Prepping the new land in March 200379747 Readying the land for tomatoes & peppers Sulfur, peat moss and aged manure compost 200379748 Sulfite crystals from Frontenac wine Wine when chilled sometimes drops out Potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar) in crystaline form. This softens the wine and keeps the crystals from forming in the bottles. 200379749 High tunnel ready for planting raspberries March 21: Almost ready to plant. 200379750 Planting Anne yellow raspberries, Mar 21 200379751 Haskaps in Blossom: April 2nd 200379752 Grape budding, April 11th 200379753 Plum blossoms, April 13 200379754 Carmine Jewel Cherries in blossom May 6 200379755 Grapes budding, May 6th 200379756 Raspberries emerging, May 6th 200379757 Robin Nest, May 18th 200379758 Haskap colored up, May 22nd 200379759 Dead prunings, June 4th 200379760 Newborn Robins, June 17th 200379761 Robins 3 days old, June 19th 200379762 Robins 5 days old, June 21 200379763 6 days old, June 22 200379764 First yellow raspberry, June 26 200379765 Fledgling, June 28, 11 days old! 200379766 Carmine Jewel cherries, July 3 These cherries will be almost black maroon when fully ripe in another 3 weeks. 200379767 Hornworm, July 25 200379768 Another new robin, July 25th 200379769 High Tunnel Disaster, July 28 Terrible windstorm on July 27th ripped off covering. 200379770 Netting ready to spread over vineyard August 6 200379771 C-Clips hold netting sections together 200379772 Newly purchased harvest lugs, Sept 3 200379773 Brianna grape, Sept 5th 200379774 Frontenac Blanc, Sept 5th 200379775 Flat of Frontenac Blanc, Sept 5th 200379776 Flat of unripe Golden Spice Pears Pears should be "lifted" from the tree when lifting the pear against the stem snaps it loose. 200379694 Golden Spice Pear Sept 6th 200379695 Swenson Red grapes, Sept 10th 200379696 Harvesting Front Gris, Sept 11th 200379697 Main Harvest, Sept 12 200379698 Bob crushing & destemming, Sept 12th 200379699 Josh with the harvest, Sept 12th 200379700 Pears now ripe, Sept 15th 200379701 New 50 gallon tanks 200379702 Petite Pearl grapes, Sept 16th 200379703 Nets coming down, Oct 1st 200379704 Joan J and Anne (Yellow) Raspberries October 6: Look at the size of these beauties! Joan J. is completely thornless. Both of these cultivars are primocane or fallbearing raspberries. 200379705 Gene Presser's Vineyard, Oct 18th We harvested Marachal Foch, Leon Millot and Marquette grapes at Gene's place on the Flathead, then drove 1750 lbs back to Miles City the same day in our Dodge Grand Caravan! Got home at 3 a.m. 200379706 Bagged Aronia, thawing, Oct 21. 200379707 Aronia fresh pressed juice, Oct 21 200379708 Prepping Swenson Red for burial Oct 30 200379709 Josh, Bob & Marilyn in the Winery! 200379710 Swenson Red buried, Oct 31 200379711 Yellow raspberry wine being pressed November 8th: This becomes our famed White Raspberry Wine. 200379712 Josh labeling, Nov 16th 200379713 Repairing the high tunnel, Nov 16th. Today we replaced the was the last somewhat warm (50s?) and windless day before winter! Got it done!! 200379714 200379937