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                             Tongue River Winery  

Photo Gallery

Vineyard Vineyard The very beginning: april 2004 Setting the first trellis rows 91580804 The first planting: Frontenac May 2004 91580803 First expansion: 400 more vines May 2005 91580805 Overview of first 450 vines June 2005 91580806 Our first Cordons June 2005 91582489 Our first harvest: Frontenac August 22, 2006! A month early! 91582490 Ripening frontenac Second crop on the way, July 2007 91583384 Bird Netting up! 2007 August. First netting 91583385 Second Crop Frontenac August 22, 2007 91583386 The perfect kiss! Marilyn kissing Swenson Red, world's best tasting grape 91583387 Perfect Kiss, poster version Available for purchase 91583388 Burying the vinifera: Nov 4, 2007 Vitis Vinifera, the European grape planted in the western US, is hardy only to about 0�F. We grow chardonnay and riesling, but must bury them every year. First they are pruned, then tied as in this photo. 91583389 Vinifera ready for winter Now the chard and riesling are buried under 6 inches of soil, ready for winter! 91583390 Spring in the Vineyard April 2007 91584421 Frontenac in flower 2007 May 91584422 Irrigation mains and risers 2008 Third big expansion: 400 more vines 91585835 Digging holes for new vines, 2008 Some use a trencher. I use a shovel! 30 inches long, 12 inches deep, a shovel width wide. For days! 91585836 Our first pear crop, 2008 91585837 late 2009: Vineyard is far... Approx 1200 vines covering 2 acres. 91585838 August 2009: The Winery begins Overview of site 91585839 The builders: Josh Josh Thaden attaching sheathing. 91585840 The Builders: Bob Owner Bob Thaden directing cement into the basement forms. 91585841