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                             Tongue River Winery  ‚Äč

Art Work!

Our Original labels featured a watercolor painting by Vida Landa, who has given us permission to use it on our labels, teeshirts, posters, etc. She is a talented photographer and painter, and has lived and worked in eastern Montana for many years.  

This painting is indicative of the scenery of eastern Montana, with river breaks, minimal trees, pastel colors and no mountains. It is a subtle beauty which doesn't hit you over the head like the mountain peaks of the west, but grows on you slowly and eventually grips your heart with its spaciousness and complexity.

Come visit us, enjoy the scenery and the wine, and when possible, meet the artist and see some of her other works.

We have a half dozen of her paintings at the winery.

And here is our "wine goddess", posted at the entryway of our winery and perhaps a playful fantasy of Amphictyonis, Greek goddess of wine. She was the creation of Tucker Bolton, Miles City painter and sculptor and adorns the entrance to our vineyard and winery. We definitely like her attitude. She's thirsty!

Yet to come is a new sculpture we're flirting

with of a giant cluster of grapes! I've had almost 60 bowling balls donated and will be teaming up with artist Jake Klamm of Miles City to put this baby together! Watch this spot for photos when we finally get after it!