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          Tongue River Winery         

                                      Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!  

Dark Fruit Wines

Aronia: a super anti-oxidant fruit native to eastern U.S.  

In the Winery: Our Aronia wine has a pomegranate tang up front, with a finish reminiscent of milk chocolate and oak. Dark, robust and very good for you. 

BRONZE MEDAL, Finger Lakes International 2015lick here to edit text

Aronioak: In the Winery: Like our semi-sweet Aronia, this wine has hints of pomegranate and milk chocolate with a hint of tobacco. The difference is, it is bone dry and barrel aged for 15 months in French oak. It has a hint of red grape wine used for topping up the barrel. This is a great wine with red meat or strong cheeses and spicy dark snacks.

Black Currant: semi-sweet, spicy

GOLD at 2015 Finger Lakes International!

In the Vineyard: European black currants are stronger flavored than the native American varieties. They are mostly hardy, with large, spicy berries.

In the Winery: The favorite fruit flavor of Europe, in jams and jellies, scones, ice cream, candies, and more. We do ours very 

full-bodied and a little sweet. We also use it to flavor our very popular Foxy Lady wine.

In Short: If you like musky dark spicy fruit, you'll love this flavor!

Chokecherry: Silver medal winner at 2013 NW Wine Summit.

In the Vineyard: Chokecherries love the northern dry states and can be quite productive. We pick ours mostly in town. Get yourself a Swedish berry picker or two if you really want to pick a lot of these.

In the Winery: We produce this medium-bodied wine with a little sweetness to bring out that traditional chokecherry flavor.

In Short: Most chokecherry wine seems to be too sweet and too strong. Ours is well-balanced, goes well with beef, pork, barbeque.

Coming in 5 years: White Chokecherry wine! We've planted a dozen yellow chokecherry trees and will bring this to market as soon as we're able.

Oaky Choke: dry, tannic, oaky chokecherry wine.

In the Vineyard: Yes, this is chokecherry on oak!

In the Winery: This wine is fermented on the fruit for full bodied flavor, then barrel aged in French oak for at least three months.

In Short: This is chokecherry wine the way it's meant to be done! Hints of vanilla given off by the oak barrels, dry, full-flavored. Great with venison.

Haskap Wine: semi-sweet

In the Vineyard: Haskaps, aka Honeyberries, are an edible honeysuckle fruit that grows on 4-6 foot shrubs, hardy to -50° F and tolerant of alkaline soils. Perfect for SE Montana! Easily managed, our varieties were released by the University of Saskatchewan. And yes, they look 

like a stretched out blueberry like the photo on the label.

In the Winery: Very high in antioxidants, this wine flavor is somewhere in the middle of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and cranberry.

In Short: A very new fruit to the U.S. From 2011-2013 we believe we were the only commercial winery producing this product. Today you can also find it at and