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          Tongue River Winery         

                                      Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!  

Rosé Fruit Wines

Foxy Lady: Semi-Sweet Rosé wine

Ever popular, this wine is a blend of apple and European black currant wines. The apple gives it a crispness, the black currant an intense spiciness.

In Short: A pleasant, fruity refreshing wine!

Cherry Pie: This wine is sweet, rich, very popular and just like...cherry pie! 

In the Vineyard: This wine is made mostly with Carmine Jewel Cherries, a bush cherry developed by the Univ. of Saskatchewan. Only 6-8 feet tall, it's hardy to -50°F and tolerates alkaline soil. With 200 plants in the ground, we anticipate yields of as much as 2 tons in a few more years.

In the Winery: Tantalizing hint of cloves or allspice in the wine as it ferments, remaining in the bottle to absolutely suggest pie. Gold medal, Finger Lakes International, 2014.

In Short: Deep rosé color...serve it with fresh baked pie crust for a real treat!

Sand Cherry Kiss: classic black cherry flavor. Sand cherries are commonly planted in shelter belts for wildlife feed and are attractive to birds. Too tannic for fresh eating, these cherries make a sweet, yet tannic black cherry wine.

In the Vineyard: Covered with beautiful white blossoms in the springtime, these super hardy bushes are loaded 

with usually black 1/2 to 3/4" cherries in mid summer. Occasional bushes produce red/green fruit or yellow fruit.

In the Winery: A black cherry flavor emerges during fermentation

Pretty Wild Plum: semi-sweet plum wine.  

In the Orchard: Thorny, spindly, often terrible to pick!

In the Winery: Wild plums have very tart skins and deeper, richer flavor than any tame plum. Our plum wine is made blending mostly wild and some tame plums, producing a gorgeous deep pink/red wine that shouts fall fruity flavor!

In Short: Great with stir fries, lovely with sparkling water!

Raz-Perry: Red raspberry and pear. 

In the Vineyard: Raspberries are grown in our high tunnels for maximum yield & flavor. Our hardy pears can stand -40°F.

In the Winery: A tantalizing rich pink wine with red raspberry on the front end and a pear finish at the end.  

In Short: This was a 2014 introduction but popular enough that we'll make it every year.

Red Currant: Semi-Sweet, lightly spicy fruity wine.  

A different species than black currants, this currant is not quite as spicy as the black and is a wonderful sipping wine. It would be great on ice with a touch of sparkling pop! Silver Medal winner, NW Wine Summit, Hood River, OR, 2013.

Marilyn calls this our "bridal shower" wine!